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Adobe Fireworks CS3

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Adobe Fireworks is software to rapidly prototype websites, application interfaces, and other interactive designs. Create, edit, and optimize web graphics more accurately and faster than ever with the enhanced toolset. Demo your design live for your client, or e-mail an interactive PDF file. Leverage the new user interface and core functionality such as consistent text handling and the Adobe type engine. Output your Fireworks designs to the application platform of your choice: Adobe AIR, Flash Flexor HTML. In addition, export web standards compliant, CSS-based layouts complete with external style sheets to Adobe Dreamweaver.
Vector and bitmap editing

The emphasis of Fireworks is on vector editing, similar to Adobe Illustrator. This makes use with Photoshop, which is primarily for bitmap graphics with limited vector editing features, ideal for a full workflow. Vector objects in Fireworks can be resized with no loss of quality, just as in Adobe Illustrator. A range of Macromedia FreeHand's vector tools were incorporated into the release of Fireworks 8. Bitmap objects suffer a similar loss in quality whether resized in Fireworks, Adobe ImageReady or Photoshop.

Menus, toolbars and tools

Docked menus

As with all Macromedia and Adobe releases as of 2004, menus and even some extensions can be docked in the Fireworks environment. Within the docks, menus can be collapsed and expanded to allow a high level of accessibility as well as convenience. This facilitates a cleaner workspace.


The toolbar in Fireworks contains 34 buttons. Some buttons can be held down to reveal a button of variations on each tool. For example, as the dodge and burn tools are used to lighten or darken an image and are similar, they can be found within the same submenu. This system of organization saves a lot of space and is very useful to graphic editors trying to save as much space on-screen as possible.

Pointer tool

The Pointer Tool contains a submenu of 2 items. It is represented by a black-filled cursor.

  • Selection Tool - The Selection tool allows the selection of an entire entity within the canvas, or a group of entities by shift clicking multiple items in succession.
  • Select Behind Tool - The Select Behind tool allows the selection of an entity that is below another in the layer order


Subselection tool

The Subselection Tool has two main functions. It is represented by a white arrow with a black outline.

  • Objects may be moved by clicking and dragging anywhere in the middle of an object.
  • Clicking on a point or selection handle will resize or skew the object.

Scale tool

The Scale Tool contains a submenu of 3 items. It is represented by a box with a diagonal arrow.

  • Scale Tool - The scale tool allows you to resize an entity in the X or Y dimensions, and also allows you to keep the image size in the proper ratio by holding SHIFT while scaling. This tool also allows for rotation of an entity.
  • Skew Tool - The skew tool allows the skewing of images.
  • Distort Tool - The distort tool allows you to twist the image and add perspective.

Crop tool

The Crop Tool gives you the ability to crop your layout. By using this tool, you can downsize the resolution of your image to any given smaller size.

Slice tool

The Slice tool makes it possible to select maps on your layout, and then export them to the format of your preference. When the slice is created, a green layer will be visible on the layout. The slice tool contains two options. It is represented by a Brush overlaying a green layer slice.

  • Standard slice tool – Makes it possible to select rectangles on your image and then export them.
  • Polygon Slice Tool – Same features as the standard slice tool, but makes it possible to create the selection in a polygon format.

File Size: 229 Mb
License: Shareware
Platform: WinXP/Vista
Developer of : Adobe Systems, Inc.
Date of addition: 11 September 2007

Adobe Fireworks CS3 Download

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